MEUCE Symposium: "The State of the Union (s)" (UM)

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Venue:University of Miami - Coral Gables - School of Business, AGB 431

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Symposium on "The State of the Union (s): The eurozone crisis, comparative regional integration and the EU model."

The dramatic events of 2011 in the context of the European Union have forced analysts and scholars to reflect about what kind of entity will be in the next decade. Simultaneously, regional political integration and cooperation have been developing at a fast pace around the globe, creating great expectations and much confusion. The latest decisions of the EU Council have opened the door to an unknown chapter of European history. Consequently, the EU model or reference has suffered the impact of these factors and presents today a different face than decades ago and offers somewhat different challenges to be met. A set of questions dominate the news scene:

• What is the state of the Union(s)? • Which direction the EU is going to take? • How the rest of the world understands regional integration? • What are the consequences and impact of the current EU crisis on international business? • Is the EU model, along normative and “soft” power, still valid? • What standard or new theories can best be applied to explain new realities?

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Location: University of Miami - Coral Gables - School of Business, AGB 431

A seminar sponsored and organized by the Miami-Florida European Union Center of Excellence, a consortium of Florida International University and the University of Miami, and the Jean Monnet Chair.


Miller Center for Contemporary Judaic Studies Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS) American Jewish Committee (AJC) Center of International Business Education & Research (CIBER)

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Time: Friday, February 24, 2012 @ 09:00 AM