MEUCE Outreach: Dr. Roy Outreach Activities Program in Chile

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Jan.17-23, 2013 Dr. Roy Outreach Activities Program in Chile

Joaquín Roy, as Jean Monnet Chair and international columnist carried out an outreach activities program composed of lectures, interviews and participation in several international summits held in Chile. At the University of Concepción he gave a lecture entitled “La integración europea y la latinoamericana en tiempos de crisis y esperanza” at the School of Law, for the occasion of the graduation ceremony of the Diploma on European Studies, offered by the Module of EU Studies, on January 17, 2013 http:/www.peeudec.clhome.html.

In Santiago de Chile he gave a briefing at the Instituto de Estudios Internacionales, Universidad de Chile, on “EU Studies in the United States”, on January 21, 2013. http:/ http:/www.iei.uchile.clagenda/88206/encuentro-con-dr-joaquin-roy.

Also in the Chilean capital, he lectured on “La UE hoy: crisis y esperanza” for the Chilean Association of European Union Studies (ECSA) at the Universidad Diego Portales. http:/

Then he presented a talk entitled “La integración regional en Europa y América Latina: visión desde Estados Unidos” ata two-day academic summit organized by the Center for European-Latin American Relations (CELARE), at the Universidad Central de Chile. http:/ on January 23, 2013. This activity was a prelude to the European Union-Latin American/Caribbean summit, http:/www.gob.clcumbres/celac-ue/ and the Community of Latin America and Caribbean States (CELAC), attended by sixty heads of state or government of both continents. Roy also was invited to attend the proceedings of the Parliamentary Assembly (EUROLAT), an annual convention of members of the EU and Latin American parliaments. http:/www.europarl.europa.euintcoop/eurolat/default_es.htm