Conference: The French Language in the digital age

Event information
Venue:FIU - MMC - SACS 160


During the month of the Francophonie, the theme of the conference, « The French language in the digital age: new spaces, new cultures, new language?" aims at analyzing the evolution of the French language in a space dominated by digital English concepts and tools.

Subject: The French language in the digital age: new language, new spaces, new cultures? Context and discussion: Inspired by the national French contest “Dis-moi dix mots”, the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in partnership with the Consulate of Haiti and the Consulate of Canada launched a contest for elementary, middle, high school and universities in Florida. The subject this year is the French language in the digital age. This theme questions the evolution of the French language in a world marked by Anglophone software tools and concepts: “cloud”, “e-mail”, “post” ... Do these words keep their meaning when they are translated into French? Do their French expression bring a new dimension to the digital lexicon? In the same way, we could question the francophone geopolitical perception in the digital age: From a social, cultural or geopolitical perspective, does the digital world bring together francophone spaces around the world? Can we strengthen these links within the digital world? What is the position that francophone countries have online? What role do francophone countries play regarding the development of new technologies?

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