The 50th Anniversary of The Élysée Treaty between Germany and France

Image: 20130130-elysee-treaty.jpg

On 22 January 1963, French General Charles de Gaulle and German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer committed to embark on the road of reconciliation between France and Germany to steer towards mutual understanding and closer cooperation.

For the two countries it was a historic moment, charged with emotions. General de Gaulle and Chancellor Konrad Adenauer knew that they would be shaping the future course of Franco-German relations, and of European integration.

In 1963, Adenauer said in French: “Without this treaty, there would be no union in Europe. The methods may change, but the most important thing has been laid down, and that’s why we may never lose the trust of friends”.

Since then, Franco-German relations have grown exponentially in all fields: politics, security, economy, youth exchanges, cultural and intellectual exchanges and sports!

The 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Elysée provides a good opportunity to look back at the success of this Franco-German cooperation which paved the way to European integration as a whole, but also to set new objectives to the bilateral cooperation for the next decades.

Many events will take place during the year 2013.

In Miami, organized jointly by both the Consulates of France and Germany, one of the first events totake place is a Franco-German SOCCER GAME on Saturday, February 9th.

The Miami-Florida European Union Center of Excellence is part of many events.