Current Students

Lecture Classes

Course Number Course Title Instructor
BSC 4304 Environments of the Past Laurel Collins
EVR 1001, Section 1 Introduction to Environmental Science Patricia A. Houle
EVR 1001, Section 2 Introduction to Environmental Science Patricia A. Houle
EVR 1017 Global Environment and Society Jim Riach
EVR 3010 Energy Flow Assefa Melesse
EVR 3011 Environmental Resources and Pollution Neptune Srimal
EVR 3013, Section 1 Ecology of South Florida Jim Riach
EVR 3013, Section 2 Ecology of South Florida Leonard Scinto
EVR 4026 Biotic Resources Jennifer Rehage
EVR 4323 Restoration Ecology Hong Liu
EVR 4594 Analysis of South Florida Ecosystems Michael Ross
EVR 4934 Environment and Health Jim Riach
EVR 4934, Section 2 Environmental Education Thomas Pliske
EVR 4934, Section 3 Deep Ecology and Beyond Thomas Pliske
EVR 6268 Remote Sensing in Hydrology Assefa Melesse
GIS 3043 Introduction to GIS Patricia A. Houle
GLY 1010 Introduction to Earth Science Neptune Srimal, Jose Longoria, Michael Gross
GLY 1101 The History of Life Florentin Maurrasse
GLY 3034 Natural Disasters Jose Longoria
GLY 3039 Environmental Geology Dean Whitman
GLY 3100 Earth Through Time Laurel Collins
GLY 4660 Paleoecology Laurel Collins
GLY 4822 Introduction to Hydrogeology Rene' Price
GLY 5108 Paleoecology and Paleoenvironments Laurel Collins
GLY 5159 Planet Earth: Geology and Hydrology of South Florida Rene' Price
GLY 5246 Geochemistry Rosemary Hickey-Vargas
GLY 5835 Introduction to Lattice Boltzmann Modeling Mike Sukop
GLY 5931 Graduate Seminar Mike Sukop
GLY 6931 Advanced Graduate Seminar Mike Sukop
IDH 3007/4007 Environment, People, and Opportunity on the last Frontier Jim Riach
IDS 4920, Section 5 Deep Ecology and Beyond Thomas Pliske
IDS 4920, Section 6 Environmental Education Thomas Pliske
MET 3003 General Meteorology Hugh Willoughby
MET 4300 Severe Weather Hugh Willoughby
MET 4302 Dynamic Meteorology Hugh Willoughby
MET 4993 Calculations for the Atmospheric Sciences Ping Zhu
MET 5305 Boundary Layer Meteorology Ping Zhu
MET 5994 Dynamic Meteorology Hugh Willoughby
OCE3014 Oceanography

Lab Classes

Course Number Course Title Instructor
EVR 1001L Introduction to Environmental Science Lab, Section 2 Lindsey Nieratka
EVR 3011L Environmental Pollution Lab, Sections 1 and 2 Diana Johnson
EVR 3013L Ecology of South Florida, Sections 1 and 2 Emily Hite
EVR 4596L Applied Field Ecology Michael Ross
EVR 4934L Restoration Ecology Laboratory Hong Liu
GLY 1010L Introduction to Earth Sciences Laboratory
GLY 1101L The History of Life Laboratory Danielle Ogurcak, Yosmel Sanchez
GLY 3039L Environmental Geology Lab
GLY 3510L Earth Resources Lab
GLY 4300L Petrology Lab
OCE 3014L Oceanography Laboratory Yosmel Sanchez