MEET EU: 2022 West Coast Model EU

Event information


The West Coast Model European Union is an annual simulation of a European Council summit, bringing together undergraduate students from across the United States. Students, in teams of two, play the roles of representatives of European Union Member State delegations, and also the European Commission. Participants negotiate two issues of concern for the country holding the Presidency, France (holding the presidency from January-June). Organized by the University of Washington's Jean Monnet Center of Excellence, the 2022 West Coast Model European Union took place on March 4-5, 2022.


Four of our FIU students were selected by the Miami-Florida Jean Monnet Center of Excellence, and participated in the competition on March 4-5, 2022. They represented the delegation of Belgium, Bulgaria, and Germany.

  • Lauren Cibrian Castro
  • Salome Katsia
  • Shalva Otarshvili
  • Matthew Kertesz

After a very remarkable performance, Matthew Kertesz received the best Head of Government award.

Congratulations to our students. We are proud of you!


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