MEET EU: University of Pittsburgh Model EU

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Venue:University of Pittsburgh



The Undergraduate Model European Union is an annual event that gives students a chance to learn about the workings of the European Union through preparation for and participation in a hands-on two-day simulation. Model EU enhances students’ understanding of the issues and challenges facing the 27 member nations of the EU. Awards will be given to the most effective delegations and best individual position papers. The 2023 Undergraduate Model European Union took place in-person February 10-11, 2023. The event began at 5:00pm ET on Friday and ended at 5:00pm ET on Saturday.
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► Four of our FIU undergraduate students were selected by the Miami-Florida Jean Monnet Center of Excellence and participated to the University of Pittsburgh Model EU on Feb. 10-11, 2023. They represented the delegations of Portugal and Sweden.

  • Jose De Castro, FIU
  • Vicki Gargano, FIU
  • Salome Katsia, FIU
  • Shalva Otarshvili, FIU

After a very remarkable performance, Salome Katsia and Shalva Otarshvili who represented Portugal, were awarded a distinction for Best Delegation and a mention for Position Paper; Vicki Gargano and Jose de Castro represented Sweden and were awarded a distinction for Best Position Paper.


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