EURAXESS Science Slam North America 2014

EURAXESS Science Slam North America 2014: the deadline for the video submissions has been extended to Sept. 15th

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In 2014, EURAXESS Links North America is once again looking for North America’s best science slammers. Five finalists will battle it out for the title of “EURAXESS Science Slammer North America 2014” in the LIVE slam to be held at MaRS Discovery District in Toronto, ON, Canada on 22 October 2014.

What this is about:
EURAXESS Science Slam North America 2014 is the second edition of a contest giving researchers based in North America the chance to showcase their research projects to their peers and the wider public in a relaxed and joyful atmosphere. It is open to researchers of all nationalities and from all fields of research. Every participant at the final slam to be held in Toronto on 22 October 2014 will present a topic related to their research to an audience of non-experts. The slam will be given in English in a max of 10 minutes and can be supported by video and audio material, ppt. slides and any other kind of media available, as well as by scientific equipment. The performances of the participants will be judged by the audience and the jury based on conceptualization, style and originality. The winner will be awarded a free trip to Europe where he or she will attend a science communication workshop along with the winners of the other EURAXESS Science Slams organized in ASEAN, Brazil, China, India and Japan. He/She will also have the opportunity to go to a European research institution of his/her choice!