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The Miami-Florida Jean Monnet European Union Center of Excellence publishes a periodic newsletter.

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EU Ambassador addresses Miami audience § Diplomats and academics ponder Europe's constitutional history and future § Art historian lectures on "Totalitarian Pleasures" § The French Presidency: French Consul talks of ambitions derailed by consecutive crises § And more.

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Conference ponders the prospects, urgency and costs of alternative energy § Top EU diplomat addresses energy conference § Polish cabinet member outlines his country's EU performance § EU economist coaches local teenagers § Euro Challenge 2009

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A new director for MEUCE § 20 years after the Fall: a look back at the end of an era § MEUCE funds doctoral and faculty research on EU § EU Studies celebrates Europe Day § FIU student interns at Consulate of Span § Euro Challenge Announcement

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Science as a Bridge to Peace and Unity § FIU Celebrates French Week § 20 Years After the Fall: A look back at the end of an era; Global Comparison: East-West § The EU in Eastern Europe § EU Milestones: German Elections; Irish Referendum on Lisbon Treaty; French Consul lectures at FIU § And more.

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