“Towards the 1.5°C climate goal – Perspectives from the Polar Regions”

Event information


The EU-PolarNet is organising a major Townhall event themed “Towards the 1.5°C climate goal – Perspectives from the Polar Regions” at the Museum of Natural Science in Brussels. The event’s objective is to stimulate a dialogue between policy makers, polar scientists, industries, local communities and civil society to explore how future polar research can contribute to the “1.5°C target” agreed at the Paris COP meeting last year.

Keynote addresses and high-level expert panels will set the scene for thought-provoking discussions focussed on what European society needs from polar research and what Europe’s priorities for polar research should be. See all speakers on the full agenda.

Due to limited seating the event is on invitation only. If you are interested in one of the few remaining seats, please contact us to check the current availability (info@eu-polarnet.eu).

However, you don’t have to be in Brussels in order to join the discussions, as we will make the event available via video live stream on our YouTube Channel. Questions and comments can be sent via Twitter, using @EU-PolarNet and the hashtag #EUPolarPriorities.