"EU-US Roundtable on the Interplay of Technology & Policy in Data Privacy,"

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Venue:Wien, Austria


The AEGIS project is proud to host the "EU-US Roundtable on the Interplay of Technology & Policy in Data Privacy," a side event at the ICT 2018 conference.

As information and communications technology becomes more pervasive, information and data privacy becomes of increasing importance. Used properly, data and associated analysis have the potential to significantly advance society. However, if data is used without regard to privacy of individuals or protection of the data, then individuals may be hurt intentionally or unintentionally.

If data is not permitted to be used at all due to privacy and security concerns, then the data’s potential value to society is not realized. As the information that is collected about us grows in quantity, scientific and commercial value, and sensitivity, addressing these challenges is crucial to advancing innovation in areas including health, energy, and smart cities. while ensuring that privacy and associated basic rights—free speech and association, for example—are respected. Both technology and policy have key roles in protecting information and data privacy, but it is not always clear how they can best work together.

The AEGIS roundtable, with participants from both research and policy from the EU and the US, will highlight progress and challenges related to enabling the use of now-ubiquitous collections of personal information while protecting the privacy of those whose data are collected. The session will include presentations, a government panel, and discussion. US participation in the roundtable is sponsored by the National Science Foundation under grants 1636764 and 1832767.

Roundtable attendees are also invited and encouraged to participate in the “Harmonising EU and International Cybersecurity and Privacy: Practical Steps” networking session, which will take place on Thursday, December 6, from 11:30-12:15 at the Austria Center Vienna. The networking session is co-organized by the Cyberwatching.eu, AEGIS and EUNITY Horizon 2020 projects.



16:00-16:15: Welcome and overview, Yolanda Ursa, AEGIS Coordinator, Fabio Martinelli, CNR, and Rebecca Wright, Rutgers University

16:15-16:30: "GDPR and data usage control," Aljosa Pasic, Business Development Director, ATOS

16:30-16:50: "Hybrid Legal-Technical Concepts of Privacy," Alexandra Wood, Harvard University, Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society

16:50-17:00: "EU-US Digital Cooperation, cybersecurity and privacy," Peter Fatelnig, Minister-Counsellor for Digital Economy Policy, Delegation of the European Union to the United States

17:00-17:20: "Going mainstream: Privacy by Design," Tomas Sander, Intertrust

17:20-17:40: Break

17:40-17:55: "GDPR and Internet Security for Research," Evangelos Markatos, Head of the Distributed Computing Systems Laboratory, FORTH-ICS

17:55-18:15: Aloni Cohen, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

18:15-19:00: Panel: "EU-US collaboration in data privacy and cybersecurity"
Chairs: Jim Clarke, WIT and Jonathan Litchman, The Providence Group


- Miguel Gonzalez-Sancho, Head of Cybersecurity Technology and Capacity Building Unit, DG CONNECT, European Commission

- Camille Sailer, President and CEO, European American Chamber of Commerce New Jersey

- Felix Barrio, Head Manager of Content and Research on Cybersecurity, Spanish National Cybersecurity Institute- INCIBE

- Maria Palombini, Director, Communities and Initiatives Development, Emerging Technology, GBSI, IEEE Standards Association

- Pedro Pavon, Global Managing Counsel on Data Protection, Oracle

- Claudio Caimi, Program Manager IT Security, HPE

19:00-20:00: Cocktail reception


Tech Gate (5 min from the Austria Center Vienna)
1 Donau-City-Straße
1220 Wien