BILAT USA 4.0 Research Workshop: Fostering EU-US Cooperation in Nanosafety and SynBio

Event information
Venue:Harvard University

March 5-6, 2019: Fostering EU – US cooperation in Nanosafety
Harvard University: Joseph B. Martin Conference Center

The project is organizing an international knowledge exchange and priority setting workshop on Fostering EU – US cooperation in Nanosafety

Nanotechnologies offer great potential of innovation in several sectors and research investments in this area are very significant globally. This potential can be implemented only if concerns about risks are adequately addressed.

For this reason, the research programmes in both the USA and EU devote a considerable part to hazard and exposure assessment and safe-by-design work. Cooperation between these efforts has existed for years, in the shape of seven Communities of Research having annual face-to-face meetings, and ought to continue and extend.

Starting from the presentation of the ongoing policies, initiatives and projects on nanosafety in Europe and the US, and basing the discussion on the state of implementation of the roadmap “Nanosafety in Europe 2015-2025: Towards Safe and Sustainable Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology Innovations”, this workshop aims to reply to two main questions:

  • What should be the future research priorities in nanosafety and other advanced materials?
  • What are the opportunities for EU-US cooperation priorities in nanosafety?

The answer to these questions will lead to the drafting of recommendations to be shared with both the European Commission and the relevant US funding agencies in view of the upcoming Horizon Europe.

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