Jean Monnet Project:"The Future of Local Transportation"


Under the framework of the EU Jean Monnet Project, European transportation experts met with the Miami-Dade Community at large. This workshop discussed the pressing transportation issues in Miami. The topics included mass transit, clean vehicles, smart transportation, tactile internet and quality delivery of services at affordable prices. The need for new and improved highways that can sustain the influx of out-of-town visitors generated by the tourism industry and the increase in our local population was also discussed.

Presentations by:

  • Dr. Atorod Azizinamini, Professor and Chair, Civil and Environment Engineering Structural and Bridge Engineering, Florida International University, FL (USA)
  • Dominique Bertrand, Senior Advisor, CEREMA - Center for Studies depending on the French Department for Transport, Environment and Energy (France)
  • Alice Bravo, Director, Transportation and Public Works Miami-Dade County, FL (USA)
  • Dr. –Ing Meryem Simsek, Chair of IEEE Tactile Internet Sub-Committee, TU Dresden Vodafone Chair Mobile Communications Systems, TU Dresden (Germany)

Moderator: Danye Aboki, Counselor, Transport and Sustainability Cities French Embassy in Washington DC

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