Conversations on Europe: “Monuments and Contested Memory in Europe”

As part of the ESC’s 2019-2020 Year of Memory and Politics Series at the University of Pittsburgh, this month's session of conversations on Europe will invite discussion on contested monuments in the U.s and Europe—some which have generated lots of public notice, while others may be less familiar. Our panel of experts will consider and compare recent controversies over confederate and Communist statues colonial monuments, and Memorials to WWII and the holocaust. What is he role of public art in creating a shared history and whose history is being displayed?


  • Kirk Savage, Professor and Chair,History of Art & Architecture, University of Pittsburgh
  • Jennifer Sessions, Associate Professor of History, University of Virginia
  • Katja Wezel, University of Göttingen

Moderator: Allyson Delnore, Department of Political Science, University of Pittsburgh

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