MFJMCE Webinar: Populism & Democratic Backsliding in Europe


In the EU, including in Central and Eastern Europe, populist parties of various stripes succeeded in riding a wave of anger over corruption, resentment at the outcome of the democratic transition, and anxiety about migration and the EU's principle of shared governance. Their leaders all have charismatic personalities who master the anti-establishment rhetoric to perfection and are often supported by Russia. This panel, with experts on the topic, offers a discussion of the seductive power of populism in European states and its impact on democracy in the region.


  • Marcel Lewandowsky, DAAD Visiting Assistant Professor at the Center for European Studies University of Florida
  • Noemi Marin, Professor, School of Communication and Multimedia Studies Florida Atlantic University
  • Martin Palouš, Senior Fellow, School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA), and Director of SIPA’s Václav Havel Center for Human Rights and Diplomacy initiative, FIU


  • Markus Thiel, Associate Professor, Dept. of Politics & International Relations, Director, Miami-Florida Jean Monnet Center of Excellence, FIU


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