Special Ediction: How COVID-19 Affects the Energy and Climate Agenda

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The spread of the coronavirus is a severe and unprecedented public health emergency. While the immediate focus is on combating the spread of the virus, the climate crisis and biodiversity loss are still a reality and require continued attention and efforts. The health crisis has led to a major and still unfolding economic shock, with the economic slowdown compounded by the collapse of global oil prices and the erosion of global energy demand. With a supply surplus in global energy markets and a significant demand shock, the current state of global affairs has no precedent. Concerns are mounting that the current crisis may set back climate action, putting the ongoing clean energy transition in jeopardy.

Questions remain on how to ensure that the global recovery will be sustainable in economic and environmental terms, and what impact the health and economic crisis will have on climate and energy policies, and on the climate ambition worldwide.

Join a virtual policy discussion on the implications of the COVID-19 crisis and future pathways to recovery, with:

  • Stavros Lambrinidis, European Union Ambassador to the US

Moderator: Julia Pyper, Senior Editor, Greentech Media, Atlantic Council Senior Fellow

  • Kevin Book, Managing Director of Research, Clearview Energy Partners
  • Marsden Hanna, Senior Lead, Global Energy Policy and Markets, Google
  • Nikos Tsafos, Senior Fellow, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Energy Security and Climate Change Program
  • Greg Gershuny, Executive Director, Energy and Environment Program, Aspen Institute

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