Conversations on Europe: Reckoning with the Past III Reparations

Colonialism in the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries left legacies of violence, displacement, and economic underdevelopment with which European states and countries formerly under European control continue to reckon. How are damages calculated? Will restitution and recompense lead to reconciliation and social justice? Join us for a discussion of the transnational politics and history of reparations.


  • Joshua Kwesi Aikins
    Political Scientist
    Human Rights Activist
    PhD student
    University of Kassel
  • Wes Alcenat
    Assistant Professor
    Department of History
    Fordham University
  • Verene A. Shepherd
    Professor of Social History
    Director of the Centre for Reparation Research
    University of the West Indies in Mona.

  • Claire Greenstein
    Assistant Professor
    Department of Political Science and Public Administration
    University of Alabama-Birmingham

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