EESP Roundtable: Europe’s New Challenge: Accommodating Three Waves of Refugees


In this Roundtable, three European experts will discuss what challenges Europe is facing with accommodating three waves of refugees (Ukrainians, Middle Easterners, and Russians).

Since the beginning of Russia’s War in Ukraine, new waves of migrants fled their homes in the East to flee to the West. Europe has been flooded by Ukrainian women and children seeking shelter from bombing and death, by Russian citizens trying to avoid mobilization in the army, and by Middle Easterners and North Africans running away from destruction and hunger. This panel discussion with scholars will address these dynamic developments happening on the old continent. The discussion will focus on the different sociological profiles of the refugees, their acceptance by national governments and civil society, and the challenge faced by the EU to accommodate and protect the migrants’ human rights in the midst of an unprecedented energy crisis.


  • Jussi P. Laine, Ph.D., Professor, Title Docent, Project Coordinator, MATILDE, President, World Social Science Association, Karelian Institute, University of Eastern Finland
  • Russell R. Lucas, Ph.D., Professor of International Relations and Global Studies, James Madison College and the College of Arts & Letters, Michigan State University
  • Steven D. Roper, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Political Science, Florida Atlantic University


  • Tatiana Kostadinova, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Politics and International Relations, Director, European & Eurasian Studies Program, Florida International University

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