Previous Faculty Research Grant Recipients (FRG)

Previous faculty research grant recipients

Steven D. Roper

Steven D. Roper, Professor, Political Science

Winner 2022 (FAU)

“EU Assistance for Managing Ukrainian Refugees: The Case of Moldova”

Heide Castaneda

Heide Castaneda, Associate Professor of Anthropology, USF

Winner 2020 (USF)

"Gender and Solidarity Networks among Transit Migrants to the European Union" (Spain)

Lukas Danner

Lukas Danner, Research Associate & Lecturer, FIU

Winner 2019 (FIU)

"Iceland and its application for EU Membership"

Peter Funke

Peter Funke, Associate Professor of Politics, School of Interdisciplinary Global Studies, USF

Winner: 2019 (USF)

"Gilets Jaunes and the European Parliamentary Elections"

Susanne Zwingel

Susanne Zwingel, Associate Professor, Dept. of Politics and International Relations, FIU

Winner 2017 (FIU)

"How do European and international gender equality institutions and discourses interact?"

Alpesh Kantilal	    Patel

Alpesh Kantilal   Patel, Assistant Professor, Contemporary Art and Theory, FIU  

Winner 2017 (FIU)

"LGBT*IQ transnational Eastern European contemporary art histories"  

Can Chen

Can Chen, Assistant Professor of Public Budgeting and Finance, Departement of Public Administration, FIU

Winner 2016 (FIU)

"The Budget of European Union from 1950s to 2010s: Past, Present, and Future"

Jacek J. Kolasinski

Jacek J. Kolasinski, Chair, Associate Professor of Art, Department of Art + Art History, FIU

Winner 2015 (FIU)

“Pan-European Identity in Latvia”

Hakan Ozoglu

Hakan Ozoglu, Director, Middle Eastern Studies, University of Central Florida

Winner: 2015 (UCF)

"The history of Turkey/European Union relations”

Kerstin Hamann

Kerstin Hamann, Professor and Chair, Department of Political Science, UCF

*Winner: 2014 (UCF)

"Policymaking in the EU 15 during the Austerity Period: From Social Pacts to General Strikes"

Joanna Mishtal

Joanna Mishtal, Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, UCF

*Winner: 2014 (UCF)

"European Union & Health Policy: The Question of Unregulated Assisted Reproductive Technologies"

Jean Rahier

Jean Rahier, Professor of Anthropology, and Director of the African & African Diaspora Studies Program, FIU

*Winner: 2014 (FIU)

"The Emergence of a European Identity in the Congo Free State (1885-1908) ad in the Belgian Congo (1908-1960): A Precursor Contribution to European Integration"

Mehmet Gurses

Mehmet Gurses, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science

Winner: 2013 (FAU)

"The European Union and Democracy Promotion: Myth or Reality"

Heide Castaneda

Heide Castaneda, Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology

Winner: 2012 (USF)

"Impact of European Union Citizenship on the Roma Minority Living in Germany"

Peter N. Funke

Peter N. Funke, Assistant Professor, Department of Government & International Affairs

Winner: 2012 (USF)

"Social Movements and the European Union: From Critic to Opposition?"

Oliver S. Buckton

Oliver S. Buckton, Professor of English

Winner: 2010/2011 (FAU)

"Spy Mania: British Espionage Literature and European Politics 1900-14"

George Philippidis

George Philippidis, Research Associate Professor, Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Winner: 2010/2011 (FIU)

"Florida-EU Research Collaboration in Biomass Conversion to Biofuels".

Markus Thiel

Markus Thiel, Assistant Professor of Political Science

Winner: 2009/2010 (FIU)

"Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) in order to improve Human Rights in Europe".

Kerstin Hamann

Kerstin Hamann, Professor of Political Science

Winner: 2009/2010 (UCF)

"The Politics of Industrial Relations: Spanish Unions from Dictatorship to the European Union".

Milena Neshkova

Milena Neshkova, Assistant Professor, Public Administration

Winner: 2008/2009 (FIU)

"Public Opinion and Decision Making in the European Commission".

Tatiana Kostadinova

Tatiana Kostadinova, Associate Professor,Dept. of Politics and International Relations

Winner: 2008/2009 (FIU)

"The Role of the EU in Building Transparent Government: The Cases of Poland and Bulgaria".

Barbara Sgouraki Kinsey

Barbara Sgouraki Kinsey, Assistant Professor, Political Science

Winner: 2007/2008 (UCF)

"EU common immigration policy and immigrants' participation in local elections".

Roderick Neumann

Roderick Neumann, Professor, Dept.of International Relations and Geography

Winner: 2006/2007 (FIU)

"The European Union's Biodiversity Crisis: Investigating Policy Effectiveness and Failures".

Paul Mullen

Paul Mullen, Assistant Professor, Dept.of Political Sciences

Winner: 2005/2006 (FIU)

"Does anyone here speak European? Translation and Administrative Failure in the European Union".

Tatiana Kostadinova

Tatiana Kostadinova, Assistant Professor, Dept.of Political Sciences

Winner: 2004/2005

"EU's Commitment to Capacity Building in the 'New Europe': Assessing Assistance for Environmental Policy Implementation".

Elisabeth Prugl

Elisabeth Prugl, Associate Professor,Dept. of Politics and International Relations

Winner: 2004/2005 (FIU)

"Gender Regimes in European Agriculture".