National Identities in a Global Europe

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Venue:Florida International University - MARC International Pavilion



Our Spring 2012 conference on National Identities in a Global Europe will explore the salience of nationalism in Europe. Despite much rhetoric about the erosion of nationalism, national identities have not receded. In fact, globalization has produced counter-movements rooted in cultural affinity and ethno-religious and linguistic belonging, and nationalism has been reasserted by populist politics playing with fears over global economic changes, immigration and European integration.

This conference – with a keynote and three scholarly panels over two days – will highlight how national identities are best conceptualized in contemporary Europe. How do current economic, social, and cultural transformations produce insecurities and how they impact the political landscape across EU member states? This conference will focus on this persistent yet ever-changing phenomenon and explore its significance from a variety of academic perspectives. Scholars will ask how discourses of nationalism are being reframed within the US and Europe under these conditions. How and to what extent are nationalist and exclusionary attitudes toward immigrants groups inter-related? What are the most salient fault lines of perceived differences and conflict? What variations in national, regional, and local context are significant? And how are these conflicts expressed in political arenas? The conference will be a collaboration between the Miami-Florida European Union Center of Excellence, FIU and relevant departments in SIPA, including History, Global and Sociocultural Studies, and Politics and International Relations as well as the International Consortium on Regional Migration and Nationalism, which includes our European partners.