CREATE THE EU: Emerging EU Filmmaker Virtual Residency


The MEET EU Institutions are currently seeking candidates for the MEET EU 1st annual Visiting Emerging EU Filmmaker Residency. The selected candidate will undertake a virtual residency for the Fall semester 2021 (maximum 6 months) at the three institutions, jointly.

The deadline to submit applications is July 23, 2021.

Together the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the University of Pittsburgh, and Florida International University share the goal of supporting EU artists and the development of their work in order to bring a greater understanding of the diversity and depth of society, politics, and culture in the EU to U.S. citizens, especially the youth. By hosting a young, emerging filmmaker, we hope to inspire U.S. youth to learn more about the EU and to support the important work being done by the artist themselves.

Visiting filmmakers should be promising new short film or documentary filmmakers with recently completed first projects that explore topics related to contemporary European society, politics, or culture. Of particular interest are young/emerging filmmakers whose work explores what it means to be European, transnational identities, or the transatlantic relationship. Graduate thesis films are eligible for submission. Currently enrolled/graduating students at film school and recent graduates (within 3 years) are encouraged to apply, but applicants need not have received formal training.

► To be eligible, applicants need to be based in an EU member state and hold EU citizenship. European citizens living in the U.S. are not eligible.

During the virtual residency, the selected filmmaker will engage remotely in the academic life and artistic communities at the three universities through monthly virtual meetings in preparation for an in-person visit. Should travel be possible, a three -week speaking tour of all three institutions (one week at each) will be arranged. During the tour, the filmmaker’s film will be screened and promoted at each location (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Chapel Hill, North Carolina; and Miami, Florida); the filmmaker will participate in seminars and events with students and relevant faculty, local artists/filmmakers, and community organizations. At least one additional virtual meeting will be held one month after the speaking tour for follow-up and assessment.

Interested candidates should submit a planned work outline describing a completed project or one in the final stages of production and for which this virtual residency will be useful for promoting it and networking within the U.S. Ideas for new projects that would benefit from visits to the three host cities are also welcome.

Responsibilities include:

  • Participate in 4-5 monthly coordination and networking virtual meetings (approximately 90 minutes) over the term of the virtual residency (must be consecutive, cannot exceed 6 months).
  • Participate in 2-3 virtual or in-person seminars on short and/or documentary filmmaking.
  • Make proven progress on the filmmaker’s next project during the residency (preparation for research or a treatment); the planned work outline to be submitted with the application.
  • Screen and discuss the filmmaker’s work virtually (or in person, if possible) for the campus and community of the partnering institutions; the filmmaker must have the right to screen his/her work while in residence.
  • Participate as a keynote emerging filmmaker at the 2021 MEET EU Film Festival organized by the partner universities during the term of residency.
  • Jury finalist entries for a youth-focused short film competition organized among the partner universities.
  • Engage with relevant faculty, interested students, and local artists in the three host cities during the speaking tour and through virtual meetings before and after.

During the residency, the host institutions offer to the selected Visiting Emerging EU Filmmaker:

  • A stipend of €3,000 paid out in three installments over the term of the virtual residency
  • Round-trip economy-class international airfare from the filmmaker’s home city in Europe to the United States
  • Domestic flights within the U.S. to visit all three cities: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Miami, Florida; and Chapel Hill, North Carolina
  • Accommodations for three weeks (one week in each of the three cities) plus an allowance for meals and incidentals.
  • Facilitation of contacts with relevant faculty and students, as well as with local and partner filmmakers and arts organizations.
  • Filmmaker will be featured on Center and project websites and activities will be promoted through social media and in local traditional media.

Application process: What to Submit

► Completed Application on including the following (uploaded with application):

  • Work portfolio/demo reel of proposed work to be screened (preferably completed work; rough cut will be accepted). Demo reels need not be in English, but filmmaker must be willing to subtitle the film in English before screening.
  • Personal statement in English (max 500 words) including the following details: How is your work related to European and transnational identities or the transatlantic relationship? How would this residency benefit your work? How would you connect with U.S. youth during your residency?
  • Curriculum vitae in English (max 3 pages)
  • 1 letter of recommendation from someone who can speak to the quality of your work.
  • Brief description of your next project and work plan in English (max 1000 words) outlining what progress you expect to make on your next project during the virtual residency.


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ImageMEET EU is funded by a generous Getting to Know Europe (GTKE) grant from the Delegation of the European Union to the United States